Traditional russian dolls

Russian folk dolls are not just for admiration. They are first of all ritual and playing. According to the superstition it was said: “To play no dolls means not to have any children in the future. The girl will be a bad mother.”

What is so amazing in this dolls? They are in a majority rag-dolls, as a rule, without faces: there shouldn’t be any unnecessary eyes at home. Faceless doll is blind, deaf and dumb, so it is safe. On this very reason dolls didn’t get names. They were just called “Doll”, “Matrjeshka”, “Man’ka” etc.

Russian folk dolls












On loosing its ritual meaning, the doll has got a face and became a present, bought at fair. But the dolls still were austere, without smiles on their faces.

A plait was a must. According to a hair-do it was a girl, a bride or a mother.

While making a doll, the fabric was being torn, but not cut to frighten away evil spirits.

Russian folk dolls often have unusually big breast in honor of women’s beauty and women’s nature. The brest symbolized ties with Mother Nature. That is why there were women who kept doll’s traditions. Pillar form of the doll points to its phallic nature – a unity of masculine and feminine symbolism.

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