Animal wood 2. Learning game for preschool

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Animal dictionary - Animal Wood 2.

Fox. Fox is about the size of a large cat.† In fact, although it is a member of the dog family, some of itís habits are very cat like as well.† Appearance wise, it has a reddish coat with white underneath and a big bushy tail with normally a white tip.

Squirrel. Squirrels belong to a large family of small or medium-sized rodents called the Sciuridae.

Hedgehog. They are covered in small brown spines that have a pale coloured tip and their underside and face is covered in brown fur. Adult hedgehogs may have as many as 5,000 spines.

Brown bear. One of the largest and most widely distributed bear species, brown bears weigh between 300 and 860 pounds and can be up to 9'6" in total body length.

Wolf. Various predatory carnivorous canine mammals allied to the common dog. Most have grey coats of fur but can range from black to all white.

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