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Knowing how to speak and translate Spanish into other languages is a valuable skill to have.Hiring a tutor is a great idea. Learning from books and CDs is great, but a tutor will be able to help you out with things you might not be able to figure out on your own with a book or a CD. Of course, it's necessary for a language tutor to have fluency in the language they are teaching. A good tutor can teach you various dialects in the language of instruction.If you'll be visiting a country where Spanish is spoken, it's a good idea to learn the local dialect to you'll be able to communicate better. And what's more important, a tutor can help you understand informal meanings of certain words. Books/CDs usually only offer the formal teachings of language. A tutor can teach you slang! Always try to improve your 'ear' for language. Many languages are more oral than they are written. You will still need to learn how to 'hear' a language as long as it's still alive. Knowing how to correctly write a sentence or the alphabet will produce limited results. You'll still have to understand it when you hear it spoken. The best approach is to listen to the language as much as you can. When you're able to positively identify the language after hearing a few words spoken, then that's a sure sign you're well on your way to learning it.One time-tested tool to help you learn are flashcards.

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