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Flashcards, phonetic writing can also be used as additional hardware support.

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There are logical ways to practice this. Write down every single chord name that you know on individual pieces of paper creating, in effect, flashcards. Turn them upside down so that you can't see the names and mix them up. Then pick two of them and practice switching back and forth making sure that the notes in each chord are clear. Start slowly at first then gradually pick up speed. As you are doing this make sure that you look for common fingerings. Do not remove a finger from the fretboard unless you are forced to do so. When you are satisfied that you can switch between these chords without effort, pull two more out of the pile and repeat the process until all of the paper flashcards are gone.

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Key Signatures: These music flashcards would help the learner improve the ability of recognizing all the key signatures – both major and minor.

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