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Some fun ideas: flashcards that teach an aspect of pet grooming via illustration and simple text, or a series of online pattern-making videos.

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3. Homophonics Code for reading unstressed vowels in multi-syllable words. (multi-syllable word-level skill)When we are LEARNING HOW to read, we do NOT need to learn all three codes at onceÖ which is today's practice. Nor do we need to learn two codes at the same time. It is far easier for the beginning reader to tackle and master these three codes just one at a time. Step by step mastery of definite decoding skills builds confidence instead of anxiety in the beginning reader's mind.Letter Level - Phonics Code for teaching students to READ the ConsonantsA student still struggling with 'reading the consonants' is not ready to learn to read vowels and words.Use flashcards and marker board:

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Flashcards is a great option to use when vocabulary builder.

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