Give a rich look to your project with this matter on flashcards for kids furniture, free printable opposites flashcards preschool, toefl vocabulary, multiplication table flashcards. In this case, you can learn a language using flashcards that you would receive via languages SMS.

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If you're feeling creative you can also make your own educational flashcards for your child.

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If your child is interested in using computers, then make use of computer programs to help them read. There are many excellent packages available off the shelf. If you are teaching your child to sight read, look out for packages that allow you to touch a word to have it read back to you. So long as your child is interested in the programs, they can be highly effective at teaching a sight vocabulary, in essence they replace similar methods such as using flashcards, while benefiting from the fact that your child will enjoy teaching themselves.

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† Lay the flashcards on the floor, face up, about three feet apart.

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