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Are you a visual learner? Do you do better by listening to audio recordings? or perhaps, you enjoy quiet time with a text or some flashcards even on a busy bus in your city.

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Homework does not necessarily have to be done at home. Be productive during any study hall you might have. If the school is giving an opportunity to use what is normally class time to do homework take advantage of it. During bus or car rides read a book or study with flashcards. Both are easy, quick, and portable. If you have to wait for an appointment or practice, use that time to do homework. Whatever you can get done will lighten the load of what needs to be done later. Homework is not the only thing that requires time management. The activities you do throughout the day need to be planned carefully as well. Find the time to do what you enjoy. Schedule your activities around each other so that you are able to commit to each one faithfully. Leave enough time in between each one to rest and to do everything else that is absolutely necessary. Know when to say "no." If you try to do everything, your schedule will quickly become overloaded, and your brain will shortly follow. It is great to have a variety of things to do but not if you are not able to provide the best effort for all of them.

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