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When the timer start the kids will start rolling the dice. When they roll the dice, have them add or subtract the numbers that show up and call out the right answer. The first player who calls out the correct answer has the point. At the end of time, they need to tally up score. Who ever has the most points find out which player has the most number of points. Bingo with a TwistHave the students a piece of notebook or a paper and tell them to fold in half four times. The paper in result will have four squares across and four down. Ask them to put a number in each square from 1 to 20. Tell them to write the numbers not in order. Have a stack of addition and subtraction flashcards and show them the first card. The students must able to solve the problem and look for the correct answer on their Bingo paper. If they have the answer already, they should mark it out. If someone calls out the answer aloud, they are considered out.

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You can fall back onto standard tools, such as flashcards or read books that break the information down a bit easier.

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