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Ask friends if they have any old flashcards you can use if you can't find them at the library.

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A lot of helpful tips are available so learning Spanish won't feel difficult. Here are a couple tricks you can use:Find a Spanish course available on CD. They're great if you're a bit shy to learn a new language. You will be able to listen to someone pronounce the words and use them in sentences. The learning material is as good as any classroom. But with a CD you won't have to worry about making mistakes in front of the classroom. Another great benefit is you can take your Spanish course with you. Great convenience because you can listen in MP3 format or use your CD player. No problemo! You'll never be restricted to where you can learn. Signup for a course. Many people are afraid to learn Spanish through a course with other students. In a course it's standard practice to talk in the language while you're learning. This can be very intimidating!But it's a great thing to do, no matter how many blunders you make in front of everyone. There's no better way to learn it because everyone is making mistakes, as well! All of you can join in and make mistakes! And you must admit it's much better than learning in the real world where your mistakes could be an insulting comment!Flashcards, which you might recall from your school days, can be useful to use when learning a language.

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