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You can record these antonyms on the flashcards themselves, or think of them in your head.

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Children, they agreed, were not introduced to learning at an early enough age to find it interesting, and this lack of early education left older children confronted with a harder task. The solution? Introduce the right educational games and infant books early enough to capture and harness their natural interest.The Brainy Baby® company (, an online 'Early Learning Centre', specialise in educational toys with proven success in enhancing toddlers' learning experiences. They recently commissioned a study through the University of Texas which showed that a group of toddlers using their educational Brainy Baby's® Shapes & Colours DVD were 22 times more successful in learning and recognising a new and unfamiliar shape than a group of toddlers who didn't see the DVD. They've proven that the earlier children are encouraged to educate themselves by using tools like educational toddlers DVDs, infant books and children's flashcards, the better and easier they will learn.Brands of Educational Children's Products in the UK

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Another option for finding infant educational flashcards is to borrow them from your library or school.

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