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The app provides flashcards that children can scroll between: the cards all have illustrations of animals whose names match the letters' phonetics and provide audio pronunciations.

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Vocabulary cards are one of the most effective resources for learning ESL, and they're an essential part of an English language course. Vocabulary cards, also known as flashcards, are created to increase retention of brand new words and give students an opportunity to practice word associations, pronunciation and memorize definitions effortlessly. Flash cards make it easy to pay attention to a specific group of words and it's possible by using this application, along with other tools, to increase your English vocabulary words one hundred times quicker that studying on your own. Here is how you should utilize vocabulary flashcards to help you increase your English word list, and the way to find much more studying resources which will can assist you understand English as a second language without problems:

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Take the everyday Spanish vocabulary below and use the words to create some bright and colorful flashcards.

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