Our site to be a very informative and interesting on online drawing for kids, free doman flashcards, rhyming flashcards for kids, flash learning games. Once you've finished your flashcards, tape them to the appropriate items throughout your house with the Spanish side facing out, and as you go about your day, say the words aloud to familiarize yourself with these new, Spanish household items.

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You can make flashcards for a set of vocabulary words by writing the word and its pronunciation guide on one side, and the meaning of the word on the back.

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With these simple options you can decide what sort of flashcards you would like to make for your children. The more time-intensive cards are always the ones that are better received by the children. Help improve the early education of your child with home-made or store-bought flashcards.

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Crazy for Colors DVDThe Baby BumbleBee dvds, flashcards and story videos also received a number of positive reviews and customer feed backs on how the products help their kids interact with his/her surrounding and to the people around.

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