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Flashcards are a terrific learning mechanism.

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Did you know that your surroundings can influence your mood to a great extent? Hence it is very important that you choose a place where you will be comfortable to study if you want to study better. Make sure that the place is properly ventilated. Also see that there is a good lightening facility. Keep some snacks and water close by, so that you don't have to keep getting up all the time. Studying can get very monotonous with time. So make sure you take sufficient short breaks while studying. During your breaks do something that will relax your mind, but not distract you. You can listen to some soft music, take a short nap or get something to eat. Memorizing is one of the most important part of studying. However sometimes it is just so hard to memorize something, and then later to remember it becomes even tougher. One of best ways to remember something really easily is, by using flashcards.

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Using flashcards is a good way to start building the basic vocabulary for the language you're learning and it gives you a first contact with the language pronunciation (you'll need a dictionary for this of course).

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