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When making your own flashcards make sure that the letters, numbers and wordsare as big and concise as possible.

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Easy, Medium and Hard. Which ones to do? Bar/Bri breaks up most MBEs by difficulty. The easy ones were easy, the medium ones were hard and the hard ones were impossible. Bar/Bri doesn't assign any Easy ones. I guess they figure you're in trouble if you have to do those. I did a bunch of Torts easy ones once accidentally because I got confused about the assignment, and it was surprising but it was actually helpful. They test core rules, but you need to know those anyway so I was learning something. And the explanations were good to write flashcards from. It also helped boost my confidence because I was scoring in the 80s on the easy ones. However you don't have a lot of time to waste doing all the Easy ones, so stick with the medium ones mixed with some hard ones for most of your Bar study. (If you can get your hands on them, maybe you might trying doing the Easy ones during Spring of your 3L year, just to get the ball rolling on learning the rules and how the MBE works) I think the medium ones were where the bulk of my learning was. Bar/Bri has several extremely long questions that take forever. I found those gratuitous, because on the actual Bar I can't remember one MBE that was any longer than half of a page. However it may have helped psychologically, because the real Bar questions seemed super short in comparison.

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