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Similar to your books, you won't be carrying these flashcards with you all the time, but you will have your phone with you.

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Building Your Case Whether you decide to go it alone or stand with an attorney by your side, you should do your homework long before the scheduled court date.  You should find as much evidence to support your argument as possible, consult state public records for information on pre-courtroom and courtroom procedures, and also use available state references on past cases that are similar to your own.  Most states have online databases of such information.  For instance, New York's WebCivil Local website provides information on individual cases – searched for by name, index number, or attorney name – as well as providing a calendar for many different local courts.  Along with this type of information, be sure that you learn the terminology that will be used.  Many websites provide law terms and definitions for free.  Practice these on flashcards or by some other method until you are sure that you understand them inside and out.  This will make a big difference as your case proceeds whether with representation or supporting yourself.  With the right background work, a certain level of intelligence, and a calm demeanor, you will be prepared for your day before the judge.

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) Developed by Accela Study, Free Spanish Essentials is an app that comes with a searchable dictionary, flashcards, quizzes, as well as a translator.

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