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But that doesn't change the fact that when it comes down to it, lists and flashcards are CSET test prep devices that can only be used by the super-organized.

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Learning a new language is becoming increasingly important in a globalized world. Studies show that bilingualism not only boosts brain power, but also delay the onset of Alzheimer’s. Spanish language skills are particularly important today because worldwide, more than 330 million people speak it as a first language and it is the official language of more than 21 countries. While learning a language can be difficult, the perks are many. Investing the time and energy to do so will reap rewards in the long run—and having a wireless internet connection and a smart phone can help. With a smart phone readily connected to wireless internet, you can access a number of different applications that will help you learn this popular Romance language, spoken by millions throughout the world. Among the following are various smart phone apps that can get you to “Yo Hablo Español!”1.) Developed by Accela Study, Free Spanish Essentials is an app that comes with a searchable dictionary, flashcards, quizzes, as well as a translator. This is one of the best tools around for those with an iPhone because it has all the essentials needed to learn improve your language learning skills.

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If you cast your mind back to when you were in school or college, you will remember that using flashcards was one of the best ways to learn.

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