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Range Of Products The carefully selected and researched range of educational products is varied enough to cover all aspects of a child's learning, with many products such as the infants books, alphabet flashcards and the ABC building blocks targeting more than one learning ability.

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I like using flashcards as a memory game. Use a set of flashcards that have a set of upper case letters and a separate set of lower case letters. Depending on the child's age, start with 3 or 4 letters of the alphabet, like A through D, using both upper and lower case letters, so you should have 8 cards. Place them face down on the table, and arrange them so they are mixed up. The child will choose 2 cards and turn them over. If not a match, the child must return the cards face down in their original position. If the child does find a match - upper case letter A and the lower case letter a - the child places that pair off to the side, then the next child or participating parent takes a turn. Repeat the process until all the cards on the table are matched up. The child will learn the alphabet and the difference between the upper case and lower case letters. Progress to using more cards until the child has mastered all the letters of the alphabet. Children love this game because they like winning every time they find a pair. The best way to play is to have them take only one turn at a time, whether they find a pair or not, so they all have several turns or opportunities to play.

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However, if still don't know how to teach your child to understand and speak a second language, you can find infant training programs that supply language DVDs, CDs and flashcards for your child.

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