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Many candidates find the Lambers flashcards an excellent additional resource for their CPA prep tools.

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Flashcards with poems or possibly quotes for example may be used as aides in memorization because of this simple process: A flashcard with the title associated with a certain of poem or quote (memorized an hour or so or a day before test) is flashed before individual, and they will really have to recite from memory the respective pre-memorized to line of the given title.

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My recommendation is to spend some time without an instrument and focus purely on note recognition. If you cannot recognise a note quick enough you will not be able to play it quickly either. A good idea is to buy or make some flashcards with a note on the front and the answer on the back, then get a friend to hold up the cards as you name them as speedily as possible.

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Another option for finding infant educational flashcards is to borrow them from your library or school.

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