The Benefits Of Flashcards In Learning

Flashcards are effective for children of really any age. However one of the areas they are most often used is in the early years of school. They are generally thought an excellent way to improve phonics and spelling abilities.
In the UK they are used extensively for KS1, KS2, KS3 and in the Scottish Curriculum for excellence in the early years. This trend is also followed in other places like the America although the set of words used can vary. Governments generally publish a set of sounds and words for teachers to use.
Flashcards take a variety of forms. They can be cards that are professionally made but more often they are sourced from the Internet and then laminated prior to use. This is generally a cheap alternative and also ensures that you get exactly what you want.
The internet is a great source of cards. You'll find many places on the web that offer them for free, for example Learning Huddle .com has 117,800 alphabet cars that can be printed out. Probably more than you'll ever need and they're free! However Learning Huddle isn't the only site with free cards you just need to type into Google and you'll find lots of sites offering both paid for and free cards.
One of the great things about flashcards is that they are fun and effective. Children don't think they are working too hard, an important factor of successful learning. When used as an effective teaching programme they are very useful.
There are lots of ways of using flashcards both with individuals and groups. Google will give lots of simple ideas. An easy way is just recognition. Get a small group together and lay the cards face down. Next get the children to turn them over one at a time and say the word. If they don't know it then suggest the others help. This not only builds vocabulary but also helps with group building.
One idea to help kids is to print each child out a set of cards or at least cards for the areas they have difficulty with. The child can then take the cards away and practise with their parents. This involves the parents in the whole learning to read cycle which can help build success.
Remember that flashcards are not the only thing a child needs to do. They need to be persuaded of the value of reading by seeing their parents enjoying reading. They need to know just how important it is in life.

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